About High Exposure

Backed by science

We understand just how important it is to take care of our bodies. This is why we followed the science and created supplements backed by research and empirical data. Each of our products was created with people like YOU in mind. People who like to move their bodies and want to improve their performance.

We like to move our bodies too

All of us here at High Exposure are athletes just like you. Whether it be mountain biking, climbing, skiing, walking the dogs, swimming in the lake, or all of the above! We care about the way our bodies feel and perform. That is why we are so passionate about ensuring our supplements are of the highest quality.

Inspired by the Tahoe Region

The High Exposure team operates out of Truckee, California (in the Lake Tahoe area). All of us were born and raised in the mountains and are inspired everyday by the beauty our home provides.

Our Mission

We promise to provide clean, safe, effective and transparent athletic supplements to our amazing customers. We support people who like to move so they can take care of their bodies and perform their best.