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Slumber: Sleep and Recovery Aid

Why doesn't Slumber have melatonin?

Slumber does not have melatonin because we wanted to make sure that you feel fresh and ready to tackle the day when you wake up. Melatonin negatively impacts sleep architecture and leaves you feeling groggy. Instead of melatonin, Slumber contains Valerian Root, an herb that has been clinically shown to get you asleep and keep you asleep.

Can I take Slumber every night?

Yes! Slumber is safe to use every night because it is non-habit forming. The bottle is also light weight and perfect for taking on the go when you might need some help falling asleep on your adventures.

How many capsules is one dose?

A full dose is two capsules.

Can I take just one capsule?

Of course! If you want to test how the formula works with your body, there is no harm is starting with a half dose.